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  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship

KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship

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    Gateron Mars switches
    Gateron Weightlessness switches
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  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard - Ghost Ship
  • Description

KeysMe Lunar 01 - Ghost Spaceship


Inspired by Toy Story which deeply impressed and influenced most people's childhood. We hope our keyboard can also become wise just as woody. Imagine that if we would shrink ourselves to a tiny size, it is amazing that we can fly into space on the keyboard and mouse which have been accompanying us for a long time. And that's why we create Lunar 01.

Lunar 01 is a stylish and fully customizable keyboard that allows you to personalize the perfect keyboard look, feel and sound exactly as wish, for an efficient and satisfying typing experience.

keysme lunar 01 spaceship mechanical keyboard custom ghost ship.jpg__PID:21a13c89-96d4-428a-b02a-9f0434229f50


Ultimate Typing Experience Innovative Gasket Mount Design

Engineering with an innovative gasket mount structure which allows the keyboard to maintain the decent flexibility and make the overall typing sound better than ever, plus the dual silicone dampener between PCB and plate which significantly enhances the elastic feel and reduces the noise of the impacted metals.

With 14 optional Poron and silicone gasket pads, you can easily obtain the desired keystroke feel by adjusting the quantity and position of the gasket. For example, if you want to feel crisper in the space, you can remove the gasket pad.


keysme lunar 01 gasket mount design.gif__PID:fac05653-8c49-47f1-ab71-dbd519af9e22

Entering the next level of key sounds and comfort with a combination of premium acoustic foams and a flexible PC (Polycarbonate) plate. The typing experience is soft with a decent, rounded, deep sound signature.


Most keyboards are not compatible with the situation without the plate, but this will not happen in Lunar 01. Benefiting from this gasket structure, the gasket can also be used without the plate, allowing you to enjoy the bouncy typing experience of a plateless keyboard. In order to achieve the most elastic and soft feel when typing, it is a better choice to match the plate.

keysme lunar 01 plate design.gif__PID:dbd519af-9e22-4eb2-98cc-ae722eaef908       keysme lunar 01 plate design 02.gif__PID:af9e22ae-b258-4cae-b22e-aef908c415cf

Wide Range Of Compatibility 

A three-mode wireless gaming-grade mechanical keyboard. Compared to regular keyboards, the Lunar 01 allows seamlessly multitasking with up to 5 devices by connecting with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or a single device with 2.4GHz or type-c wired option. (The polling rate is 1000Hz right out of the box on both 2.4GHz and type-c wired mode.)

Lunar 01 keyboard is 100% compatible with multiple operating systems. Perfectly suitable for macOS, Windows, iOS, as well as Android.


KeysMe Software Supports Programmable Knob & RGB
With the ability to remap any keys, create macro commands, shortcuts, key combinations and customize RGB through our programmable software to embrace endless possibilities for a fluid workflow. Press the knob once to switch the pickup lamp mode. Turn the pickup lamp on or off when pressed for 1 second.

keysme lunar 01 spaceship mechanical keyboard programmable knob.gif__PID:6dcaa815-3cf8-4561-9be9-0a8f226022aa     keysme lunar 01 spaceship mechanical keyboard prgrammable rgb backlight.png__PID:e561dbe9-0a8f-4260-a2aa-8eee8e53cb5e

Rocket-Ship Magnetic Fidget Spinner
Inspired by the Apollo missions of NASA, Lunar 01 is the world's first spaceship design mechanical keyboard. There are two magnetic fidget spinner rockets which can be attached on both sides of the keyboard, and they can be spinned freely for up to 1 minute as if running on rocket power. It is a perfect decompression tool to help you relax and maintain focus.

Customize Your Unique Keyboard
Most customized keyboards need to be screwed to disassemble the keyboard. Lunar 01 has a quick-release structure design on the back of the keyboard. With the complimentary crowbar, it is easy and convenient to remove the bottom case. Open the bottom in 3 seconds and start your customization journey!

Dye-Sub PBT Keycap Set
The Keycap Set is made of durable PBT with dye-sublimated legends for more durability. To optimize finger travel, it`s sculpted in the unique KDA profile, which combines the popular height of the Cherry profile with the satisfying shapes of the SA profile in a concave row configuration to meet your fingers as they type. With KDA profile Dye-sub PBT keycaps and R5-R1 height distribution, the keycap is suitable for all tilt angles of the keyboard, optimizing your input experience and improving input efficiency.

Switch Feature
KeysMe teamed up with Gateron to launch the exclusive Mars and Weightlessness switches. Comes with factory pre-lubed, they are designed to perform a new level of smoothness in each keystroke and significantly wobble less than regular mechanical switch, providing satisfyingly response and creamy sound across your whole keyboard and delivering a dedicated typing experience.
keysme-gateron-mars-switch.jpg__PID:80af89fb-a0d5-4b33-a3b7-bb159ec3f7dd   keysme-gateron-weightlessness-switch.jpg__PID:22448ecc-c73e-4402-9eac-cee17d6ece71

Multifunctional Pick Up Lamp 

Detachable pickup lamp can change light effects as you type on the keyboard. With the pickup lamp removed, it can be used as a phone or tablet stand. The bottom groove is compatible with Lego, so you can customize your keyboard with limitless creativity.
keysme lunar 01 spaceship mechanical keyboard multifunctional pick up lamp.gif__PID:c832dac5-f005-42f6-83bd-b67ea73267be

To further improve and customize your own typing experience, Lunar 01  is a hot-swappable board where you can pull out every switch in seconds and pop in with almost all of the 3pin and 5pin MX style mechanical switches on the market you want without soldering required.

keysme lunar 01 spaceship mechanical keyboard hot swappable feature.gif__PID:389e54c0-dab5-4652-9fb5-f10b4ce6cdbb

Bluetooth Name KeysMe Lunar 01
Backlight South-facing RGB LED
Polling Rate 1000 Hz (wired) / 125 Hz (wireless)
Battery 4000 mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
Compatible System macOS/Windows/iOS/Android
Dimension 368*152*47.5 MM
N-Key Rollover (NKRO) Yes 
Weight 1.32 KG
Layout ANSI (87 Keys)
Stabilizer Gateron Screw-in PCB Stabilizer


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