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Magnetic Switch First Mahjong Sound Magnetic Switch-Magnetic Jade Switch

GATERON launched the first Mahjong sound magnetic switch" Magnetic Jade Switch ", which combines the popular HIFI sound with magnetic technology, provides a unique experience, ensures pure and crispy sound quality by back-cover design and lets you feel the excellent audio-visual feast in entertainment and work. Shop Now


Love Made in China With GATERON Switches.Gateron switches are currently recognized as the smoothest mass-produced switches you can buy. The silky smoothness is the main characteristic of our switches. You can't miss the Gateron switch if you want to enjoy a smooth typing feeling.

Company Vision

Committed to the continuous exploration and pursuit of technology and craftsmanship, to make keyboard switches witch higher quality and higher specifications.Gateron always adheres to the concept of innovation. In order to meet the customized needs of the market, we will regularly produce various kinds of products series.

Product Innovation
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